To create a character put

Choose name


Gender {{{1}}}
Race {{{2}}}
Level {{{3}}}
EXP Points {{{4}}}
Speed {{{5}}}
Damage {{{6}}}
Health {{{7}}}
Spirit Energy {{{8}}}
Kan {{{9}}}
Location {{{10}}}
on your userpage and fill in the areas with numbers like this: {{{1}}}. You can choose from a few different races with different pros and cons. These are the races.

Soul ReapersEdit

Soul Reapers are well-balanced, as strong as they are fast. Soul Reapers have a zanpakto, but you can also buy a lance, spear, or axe. Their starting speed is 4 and their starting power is 5.


Quincy have long ranged attacks. They are slightly stronger than fast. They have a Quincy bow, and by buying other items Quincy can receive many power ups. Their starting speed is 3 and their starting starting strength is 5.


Humans are faster than they are strong. They don't have transformations, but you can receive spirit energy boosts which greatly increase power. Their starting speed is 5 and their starting strength is 2.


Arrancars are well-balanced. They only have upgrades and no transformations. They have a zanpakto. Their starting speed is 5 and their starting strength is 5.

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